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North America

The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity is serving in various apostolic works throughout the North American continent. The members are engaged in service in such areas as that of, Education, Health Care, Catechesis, New Evangelization, Retreats and Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Of particular interest in accordance with the Vision and Mission of Our Lady’s Society is the extension of service to “those areas of greatest apostolic need”. Therefore the Society’s Ecclesial Teams have members actively involved with the Native, African and Latin American peoples. Among numerous missions and works in America, we highlight the following works.

United States

St Ann's Mission - Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation

Our Lady’s Mission to the Native Americans began in the 1990’s. The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity in 1995 was happily assigned to serve in the Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota on the Reservation of the Chippewa Tribe of the Ajibwe Nation in the city of Belcourt. This apostolic work includes service in the various parishes in the area of St. Anne’s, St. John’s and St. Louis as well as the mission churches of St. Benedict and St. Anthony.

SOLT North America

In this mission, Our Lady’s Ecclesial Team is fostering the faith and the prayerful spirit of our Native American brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary. There are many socio-cultural needs of the Native American people today. Our Lady’s Society seeks to serve them in these needs for example, through offering Summer Youth Camps, Primary School Education and ongoing Retreat Work for spiritual growth and personal development. Likewise, The Society’s pastoral visitations reach to all the surrounding areas, bringing them to be a people filled with the Holy Spirit. Through this life of apostolic work and service, the Ecclesial Team members are accompanying these peoples into a life of Communion with the Most Holy Trinity in the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father.

African Americans

The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity was invited by the Arch Diocese of Houston to serve the People of God in their pastoral and apostolic needs. With great joy, Our Lady’s Society established the presence of an Ecclesial Team at the parish of St. Monica in Houston, Texas . This parish is largely comprised of African American families who identify strongly with their priest-minister; living and following the movement of the Holy Spirit through the priestly guidance. The African American Catholic community of St. Monica’s identifies with the person of the priest and not only with the structure of the parish life. In this regard Our Lady’s Society is sensitive to the need for a constant priestly presence/assignment. The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity and the Ecclesial Team present to the people of St. Monica’s Parish is committed to serving the apostolic needs of the People of God and rejoices over the witness that this mission gives in this regard.

Latin Americans

The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity serves the Hispanic American people in numerous Apostolic Works. For example, Our Lady’s Ecclesial Teams are currently serving in the Hispanic American parishes of St. Anthony’s in Robstown, Texas , St. Gertrude’s in Mora, New Mexico, as well as numerous missions that are associated with these parishes.

A mission that is very dear to the heart of Our Lady began through her Society in the year 1963. At that time, The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity began serving the migrant workers in the Central States (Region) of the United States ; especially in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska and Wyoming . The migrant workers labor in the fields harvesting, hoeing and planting the crops from sunrise to sunset. The priests of Our Lady’s Ecclesial Teams serving in this mission to migrant workers celebrate Holy Mass each day. The other members of the Ecclesial Team prepare the migrants for the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation; visiting with and counseling the families while priests validate and bless the marriages. The whole Ecclesial Team serves in the numerous corporal Works of Mercy as well as in areas of socio-cultural needs and development. The mission formally begins each year in May and concludes at the end of the Migrant season of labor in October. The members of the Ecclesial Team of Our Lady’s Society return at this point with the Migrant workers to the south of Texas where the apostolic work continues in service to the needs of these poor and marginalized families.


Nuevo Laredo. Our Lady’s Mission in this area of Mexico began in 1991. The missionaries serve in the many pastoral needs of the Parish of Our Lady of Sorrows and the outlining mission Churches of the barrios. In this service the Ecclesial Team prepares children and adults in ongoing formation for receiving the Sacraments. The Sisters of Our Lady’s Society on the Ecclesial Team, conduct Bible studies, New Evangelization and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. The lay Faithful serve in a medical clinic, (especially in the area of assistance with child-birth and the training of nurses’ aides for women), assisting in the health care of the people at the clinic and throughout the barrios. Learn more

Colon. Our Lady’s Mission in Colon began in 1985. The Ecclesial Team here provides residential care for neglected and abandoned children, both boys and girls. They provide education extending from primary through secondary schools. The Teams members also provide care for abandoned elderly men and women, giving them their dignity as persons, serving their needs until their Heavenly Father comes to take them to himself.

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