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Formation Program

his is the path that most men take in discerning a Call to Our Lady’s Society. After the admissions process and acceptance into Our Lady's Society,

1.   Candidacy

The men are sent to Belize, Central America, or Belcourt, North Dakota, to complete a year of Candidacy. In this year, the men come to experience one of our missions in Our Lady's Society and to participate in this mission by teaching a couple of courses to a High School we run as well as participate in the community's daily life of prayer, service and re-creation. The goal of this year is to allow the candidate the time to discern his call to Religious Life in Our Lady’s Society. It is intense year of human formation in which one will come to enter into a missionary’s life of poverty, chastity, and obedience by becoming one with God’s people. There the extreme temperatures as well as the lack of comforts from home will allow one to empty themselves so that Christ may be formed in them.

Class of 2007-2008

2.   Novitiate

After completion of this year and upon the discernment of the candidate and the Society, the men are then sent to Novitiate which is located in Corpus Christ, Texas. In this year, the men enter an intense year of prayer and discernment in Our Lady's community. Here you will pray, work and study the evangelical counsels and Our Lady’s Society spirituality and constitutions. At the completion of this year and upon the discernment with those involved, the men receive the habit and make temporary promises of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience for one year. At the end of this year, the men will also discern with Our Lady’s Society if they are called to be priest in the Society or if they are to remain permanent brothers in the Society.

3.   Philosophy and Theology

If it has been discerned that the Brother should pursue the priesthood in Our Lady’s Society, the brother is sent to Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan residing at Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Michigan to pursue Philosophy and Theology.

4.   Pastoral Year

After the completion of their education, they would return for one year in the states in which they would go through Our Ecclesial Team formation program for 6 months and then 6 months in language formation in Mexico before making their perpetual promises. Three months later they would be ordained to the Diaconate.

5.   Ordination

As a Deacon, they are to serve in one of our missions for 6-12 months before being ordained to the priesthood.

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